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On a daily basis, Parole d’excluEs is confronted with the harsh realities of accessibility to health services by all residents of Montreal-Nord and this challenge is confirmed by the organizations in the area: insufficient services, services and care offered not always in line with their needs and conditions. In 2015, Parole d’excluEs, approached by the FIQ (Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec), conducted a short field study on health service needs in Montreal-Nord with 60 people and 14 social workers and health professionals to better understand this issue. This study confirmed the need to work on accessibility in all its forms with the North Montreal community.

Therefore, the citizens of Montreal-Nord and Parole d’excluEs have been mobilizing for more than 7 years to find solutions to guarantee the right to health for all.

This timeline traces the history of this mobilization, from the 2015 study on barriers to health access, to the community health framework, to a range of projects.

History of health at Parole d'excluEs

The history of health at Parole d’excluEs

An explanatory PDF is available here.

Accompaniment in care

Proximity health framework

An explanatory PDF is available here.

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