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This committee was created in 2014 as a result of the Northeast resident needs and aspirations study. The members of RaCiNE have set themselves the goal of working on four main challenges: living together, the living conditions of citizens, the situation of youth, and the fight against discrimination and prejudice. They seek to improve the quality of life in the Northeast by getting involved in community and social projects.

The objectives of the Comité RaCINE

Raising awareness of the community

Working together for the well-being of neighborhood residents

Involve all members of the community

Transforming the Northeast into a stimulating place for job creation

Encourage mutual respect between citizens and towards the environment

Promote the image of Northeast Montreal-North

Some recurring activities of the Comité RaCiNE

  • Celebration of March 8
  • Seeding: March – April
  • Planting Espace Lapierre: April
  • Spring Festival: May 28
  • Apple picking and visit to the historic Pointe-du-Moulin mill, Île Perrot: October
  • Annual meeting: second Thursday of the month
  • Citizens’ assembly: November

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By integrating the comité RaCINE.

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Participate in our action
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