Our vision

Together, build a fair and inclusive world

Our fundamentals

To encourage citizens to speak out and mobilize in order to develop collective action by people experiencing exclusion and poverty in order to bring about significant transformations leading to an inclusive and fair world.

Our values

Four sets of values drive us and guide our individual and collective actions as well as our functioning within the organization. We see them as a trend towards which we collectively aspire rather than as diktats and we want everyone to commit to them:

Two hands holding the same heart, helping each other
Mutual aid, empathy, attention to others and solidarity;
Balance for equality
Inclusion, diversity and equity;
All equal, points together
Democracy and transparency;
The point raised for social justice
Social, economic and ecological justice and equal rights.

Our approach

Parole d’excluEs’ approach is inspired by the humanist movement, which considers each human being as unique and capable of autonomy and self-realization if given the means, and integrates the following elements

  • Parole d’excluEs strengthens the capacity of individuals and communities to act by allowing them to be part of a collective action that supports them.

  • This reinforcement of the power of action of people and communities allows, at first, to concretely improve the living conditions of citizens in order to move towards more significant transformations.

  • By speaking out and mobilizing, citizens organize themselves to recover their rights, recreate links and strengthen their sense of belonging to a community.

  • Therefore, through collective action, citizens regain real power to build their future.

  • Beyond the citizen impulse, Parole d’excluEs has its own identity as an organization and can speak out, act and take a public position.

  • Parole d’excluEs is not a service organization, but it can generate services or refer to organizations that offer services.

Our principles of action

The principles of action of Parole d’excluEs are a founding element of its identity and are inseparable from its mission, its approach and its values. They are as follows:

  • In its territorial action, Parole d’excluEs addresses citizens who wish to act collectively against exclusion and poverty.

  • The desire to encourage people to speak up is expressed at all levels of the organization: with citizens, members, teams, partners and allies.

  • Research is an essential component and is closely linked to action in the field. It contributes to the mission as well as the development of the organization.

  • The cross-fertilization of knowledge is an essential component that enriches action, reflection and knowledge by combining knowledge from civic, professional and academic experience.

  • Mobilization and collective action must be accompanied by advocacy work and political voice to expand the reach of these initiatives.

  • Mobilization and collective action only make sense if Parole d’excluEs also challenges institutions and public authorities to bring about systemic changes.

  • Parole d’excluEs does not work alone. To ensure that its actions have an impact on society as a whole, the organization joins forces with other local, national and international initiatives and players in the fight against exclusion and poverty.

  • Parole d’excluEs is committed to continuous improvement in its actions and within the organization.

  • Parole d’excluEs is an independent organization with no political, ideological or religious affiliation.

Association life, democratic functioning and management methods

Parole d’excluEs is an autonomous organization, with its own members, bodies and working structures. The participation of active and involved members is a driving force of its action. The members are the people who adhere to the foundations of Parole d’excluEs. They can be citizens who mobilize locally or individuals and groups who contribute to its action.

Beyond its own internal structure, Parole d’excluEs initiates and accompanies the creation of structures and alliances that constitute a larger ecosystem, aiming to achieve its vision.

At both levels (the organization and the ecosystem), Parole d’excluEs implements an associative and democratic life by committing itself to ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. The means favored to support democratic life are:

Open communication: building a climate of trust that allows access to information, valuing the right to speak and transparency in decision-making processes;

Associative life: ensuring the participation of members in deliberations by allowing them to express themselves and contribute to decisions, proposing activities that foster a sense of belonging;

The management of Parole d’excluEs is participatory and collegial while remaining within a hierarchy of decisions. It is within this framework that, under the responsibility of the board of directors, the general management leads the work team.

Social Issues Organization

Parole d’excluEs’ goal is to set up, within the organization as well as within its ecosystem, spaces for deliberation so that each voice is expressed. Individual and collective positions are shared and debated before leading to decisions. Therefore, decisions should, as much as possible, be the result of exchanges between the parties involved.

Several raised points of different skin colors for the citizen mobilization
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