The story of Parole d’excluEs

The impact of social exclusion is devastating on living conditions; difficulty in accessing work, education and health, loss of dignity, social ties and identity, brief loss of active citizenship. But everywhere, people are struggling to get by, individually and collectively. The word is given to people and citizens who refuse to be social objects to become the actors of their own history.


Genesis of Parole d’excluEs: beginning of the reflection on the conceptions and practices of the fight against poverty and exclusion


Production and tour of the documentary Parole d’excluEs in four countries (Argentina, Brazil, Iran and Canada)


Old building with poverty

Incorporation of Parole d’excluEs and alliance with the Société d’habitation populaire de l’Est de Montréal (SHAPEM)


2007-2008: creation (informal) of the University Incubator of Parole d’excluEs (IUPE) in the form of a collective of university researchers committed to the action of Parole d’excluEs


  • Establishment of structures: collective, promoter committees and standing committees
  • Opening of a place of action in the îlot Pelletier in Montreal-Nord
  • Opening of a place of action at the former Biscuiterie Viau in Mercier-Hochelaga Maisonneuve


Development of La voisinerie behind housing
  • Start of the development of La Voisinerie de l’Îlot Pelletier
  • Study on the needs and aspirations of the residents of the îlot Pelletier
  • Study on the needs and aspirations of residents in the area of the former biscuiterie Viau


  • Finalization and adoption of the Parole d’excluEs action model
  • Founding Assembly of the Accorderies de Montreal-Nord and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
  • Implementation of a food buying group project


Children learning about plants at a community daycare center
  • The IUPE is integrated to CRISES
  • Development of an early childhood CPE project in Montreal-Nord


  • Inauguration of La Voisinerie
  • Start of the Leadership citoyens Project
  • Acquisition of buildings in the North-East of Montreal-Nord by SHAPEM


  • First Rendez-vous sur l’alimentation
  • Creation of a community-based research position at Parole d’excluEs


COOP Panier futé start-up team in 2014
  • Launch of the Solidarity Cooperative, Panier Futé Coop
  • Study of the needs and aspirations of Northeast residents

  • Opening of a place of action in the North-East of Montreal-Nord


Formalization of the Système Alimentaire pour tous project
  • Start of Système alimentaire pour tous (SAPT)
  • Launch of the Quartier 21 project: Greening, nourishing and enhancing Montreal-Nord
  • Study on the needs and aspirations of citizens in terms of health services in Montreal-Nord


Death of the founder of Parole d'excluEs, Patrice Rodriguez
  • Death of the Founder of Parole d’excluEs, Patrice Rodriguez
  • Opening of the community daycare CPE at Îlot Pelletier


Closure of the place of action in Mercier-Hochelaga Maisonneuve


  • Start of the Espace Santé Citoyen project (ESC)
  • Assessment of 10 years of action on the îlot Pelletier


Closing the panier futé 2022
  • Closure of the Solidarity Cooperative, Panier Futé Coop
  • Review and adoption of the new Fundamentals of Parole d’excluEs
  • Adoption of the 2023-2027 strategic directions

Our story

Parole d’excluEs was born out of a reflection on the conceptions and practices of the fight against poverty and social exclusion. The feeling that they needed to be renewed led to the making of the documentary Parole d’excluEs, by Patrice Rodriguez, the founder of Parole d’excluEs. Filmed in Argentina, Quebec and Brazil in 2005, the documentary illustrates different strategies for fighting economic and social exclusion by giving voice to those who implement them.

Filming of the documentary Parole d'excluEs

The documentary is engaging, showing people mobilizing to fight a fate they did not choose. It captures the audience’s interest by bringing them into the world of people who organize themselves with little means and much courage. By the same token, it challenges a certain view of exclusion and rejects any prospect of resignation.

Since October 17, 2005, the documentary has been shown and animated in four countries (Argentina, Brazil, Iran and Quebec) in universities, unions, women’s organizations, social and professional integration, literacy, international cooperation, etc., reaching over 2,000 people. Then, an assessment of the tour, relating this process, was presented and publicly debated on October 17, 2006.

Several people from different backgrounds then expressed their desire to translate the findings shared in the reflection into action. A collective is born. From then on, combining action and reflection, this collective drew up a founding document, the Declaration of Principles of Parole d’excluEs.

A pilot project emerged in 2006, in a founding alliance with the Société d’habitation populaire de l’Est de Montréal (SHAPEM); the Projet de mobilisation contre l’exclusion sociale par le logement communautaire. It is being implemented in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and Montreal-Nord, two boroughs undergoing profound change, using community housing developed and managed by SHAPEM.

Parole d’excluEs is gradually becoming a movement where people are mobilizing for dignity and to put an end to poverty and social exclusion. In order to achieve this, Parole d’excluEs promotes collective actions resulting from citizens speaking out. The organization was incorporated on February 7, 2006.

Meeting of excluded people for the setting up of structures

During the year 2022, Parole d’excluEs, in collaboration with citizens and members, carried out an important assessment that allowed us to identify new foundations and new directions, including the 2023-27 strategic directions in PDF for the coming years.

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